Contact from the MTC

The normal day for emailing from the Ghana MTC is the day the missionary goes to the temple. For Elder Hall, that was yesterday (Tuesday 8/25). Apparently he didn’t have time to email us then. So, luckily he had time today. He did not find time to send an email to his list. Sorry. However, here are somethings he had to say to us (his parents).

Hey mom. The MTC is good, all the missionaries here are very friendly. I”m in Jacob District, with Elders Harvey(companion), Helm, Kalolo, Nissenen, Muetu, Wokekoro, and Nilsen and sisters Ohanga and Bull. They are all nice and good people.

My shoulder bag isn’t doing too good but it’s not just rags yet. I’ll see if I can send pictures. I’m enjoying myself but I miss the comforts of home but i’ll get used to it. Love You mom

Hey Brother Hall(dad)

I’m good, the MTC is great. Tema and Accra are totally different from what i’m use to but I know I’ll enjoy it here. My companion is great. He likes football which is good obviously and we can relate cause he’s from a first world country. I love you too.

Elder Hall

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