First impressions of New Area

Streets of Jamestown

Elder Hall did not have or make time to send a group email this week, but he did respond to our emails. Some of those is shared here.

Email to Elder Hall:

Hello Elder Hall:

How are you doing? How was your week? What was the transfer like? Did you have to go on your own to your new area? Did you manage all your stuff easy enough?

How is your new companion? What about the area? Is it safe? How about the apartment? Is it clean and comfortable enough?

I have lots of questions, don’t I? I have more, but it is hard enough to answer them all anyway. And I know you are limited on time.

Elder Hall’s response:

I am doing good, week was pretty good I guess. Our teaching pool here is pretty empty but this week we will try to fill it up! The transfer was weird having to leave what had been my home for two months and I didn’t get to say goodbye to my people in my old area :(. But the APs drove Elder Ebinum and I to the new area, so it was good.

My companion Elder Iyip is cool and very friendly, I like him! The area is so much quieter. It is safe and yes the apartment is one of the nicest in the mission, just like my last one. Thank God!

Everything’s sweet. Thank you.

Thanks a bunch, love you! Transfer is going smoothly.

Elder Hall

Elder Hall could not send any photos this week. The photo above is from September 2015

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