Photos from Elder Hall and the Ghana MTC

Today we have some photos and a video. Some of the photos are from Elder Hall’s camera. We have no explanation of what any of them are. The rest are from the folks at the Ghana MTC. The photos from the MTC are of the missionaries’ last day in the MTC before they head to the mission field. The video is also from that day. It is the Jacob District singing. Elder Hall was in the Jacob District.

Elder Hall also sent a short note:

I leave tomorrow morning to go to the mission home and I will also be leaving to my area tomorrow as well. The time just flew by here in the MTC and I’m excited to be going into the field. I love you.

Elder Hall

First, Elder Hall’s photos:

And now the video and photos from the good people at the MTC. I Hope They Call Me on a Mission. Elder Hall is in the group, but he is unseen from the angle of the camera.

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