New Transfer

The end of his third transfer. He is staying with Elder Iyip. But, others will be moving around. Several baptisms are scheduled. And Elder Hall offers a sweet testimony about family.

The Church issued a proclamation on family called
The Family: A Proclamation to the World from which the image above was taken.

Elder Hall’s email:

Subject: New Transfer

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a safe and happy new year.

So my third transfer ends today. It was good, I enjoyed pa! For this next transfer I will be staying with Elder Iyip. The only change in our apartment and district is that Elder Ignatius will be leaving. Elder Mwakamui will be coming to be Elder Liongitau’s new companion.

So this past week has been pretty busy and enjoyable! Elder Iyip and I are working with Angela, Becky, and Victoria and we plan on baptizing them on the 16th of this month which is exciting! Hopefully it works out. We are also working with a few families that we will try to prepare to be ready for baptism by the 14 of February.

So I just want to talk about something very important. That is family. God has blessed us with families so that we can be happy. The family is the basic unit of society and also the basic unit in Heaven. The home is sacred as it is where families come together and where parents teach their children the gospel of Jesus Christ. And by following that Gospel those families can be together after death, even for eternity. Who wouldn’t want to spend Eternity with those that he loves most? God has provided the way, let us follow.

I am very grateful for the family that God has given me. I hope we all are. I think that it’s very important that we always let our family know we love them. Parents can wrap there arms around their children more and tell them that they love them and that they are so glad that they will be together forever. And I know that us younger people out there that don’t yet have children can definitely show more appreciation and gratitude to our parents.

1. I have a fam’ly here on earth.
They are so good to me.
I want to share my life with them through all eternity.

2. While I am in my early years,
I’ll prepare most carefully,
So I can marry in God’s temple for eternity.

Fam’lies can be together forever
Through Heav’nly Father’s plan.
I always want to be with my own family,
And the Lord has shown me how I can.
The Lord has shown me how I can.
Love You all! Have a great week!

Elder Hall

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