“Will I Make It?”

Photo: Elder Hall and Elder Schmanski

Stephanie is being prepared for her baptism. Elder Hall and Elder Schmanski followed the guidance of the Holy Ghost and found some folks He wanted them to find.

Elder Hall’s email:

Subject: “Will I Make It?”

Hello everyone!

This past week Elder Schmanski and I kept up our efforts in finding more people to teach! We didn’t find too many people but it was still okay. We are preparing Stephanie for baptism in a few weeks.

On Thursday my companion and I felt inspired to go to a place in our area called “The Wall.” While walking along the wall for a time we felt impressed to turn in a contact a compound. When we got there we found Sister Grace, an older woman in our branch. We sat with her and her granddaughter because she doesn’t speak english. At one point she got up and told us to follow her; she then took us to another older woman’s house who is also a less active member and didn’t speak english. Elder Schmanski and I were are trying our best to communicate but were not having the most success so we stopped a younger girl who was walking by. The young girl that we stopped turned out to also be a less active member! Her name was Esther. She showed us another members home and then showed us her home where we were able to have a lessons with a lesson with her non-member mother and grandmother. It was a good experience. It’s great to have the Spirit work through us and especially important that we follow what it tells us!

I was able to watch three session of General Conference which was wonderful. I love the Lord and the people that he has called.

One Thing I liked in particular was something from Elder J. Devn Cornish.
The answers to the questions “Am I good enough?” and “Will I make it?” are “Yes! You are going to be good enough” and “Yes, you are going to make it as long as you keep repenting and do not rationalize or rebel.” The God of heaven is not a heartless referee looking for any excuse to throw us out of the game. He is our perfectly loving Father, who yearns more than anything else to have all of His children come back home and live with Him as families forever. He truly gave His Only Begotten Son that we might not perish but have everlasting life! Please believe, and please take hope and comfort from, this eternal truth. Our Heavenly Father intends for us to make it! That is His work and His glory.

I find that General Conference kind of just reminds me of things that I already know. It’s great! I feel like we all need reminders so that we can remember things like that. Of course the best thing to remember is our Savior and His sacrifice, for it is because of Him that it is possible for us to “make it.”

Hope that you all have a great week!

Elder Seanin Hall
Ghana Accra Mission

Sis Schmanski, Elder Schmanksi’s mom, sent some photos to Sis Hall that Elder Schmanski had sent to her this week, including the one at the top of this post. Thank you!
us making cement blocks

a path we were walking

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