Woke up sick

Elder Hall is not feeling well

It has been a couple of weeks since Elder Hall was able to send a group email. Usually his email day is Monday. The week of November 30 the internet cafe had connectivity issues and then the power went out. This is not unusual. His first week in the mission field they had power only three of the first six days. The good news is that we did get to hear from him on Thursday of that week, Dec 3. However, he had power issues again and was not able to send a group email. This week, December 10, we received emails from him, but he was in a hurry because he did not have much time. I am not sure why, maybe because he was not feeling well. But again he was unable to send a group email.

That day, Monday Dec 10, Elder Hall woke up sick in the night. He had a fever, we don’t know how bad, and he was not able to keep food down. There is a Mission Nurse. The same Sister Sanders who posts photos from the mission on Facebook is the nurse. In her email on Monday, Tracy suggested that Elder Hall should contact the nurse just to check in and let her know he was not feeling well. Of course, we have no contact with him, so as a follow up, reluctantly Tracy decided to contact Sis Sanders.

Sis Sanders responded:

He did call and said he threw up Monday morning and then slept that day. He felt better Tuesday so they went out but then he hit the wall and they had to go back. He wanted to know what to do today. I told him if he felt better to go out and if he ran out of energy because if being sick to go back. But if he still did not feel well, to stay in and take care. I will check on him later

Sis Sanders

In a follow up email Sis Sanders wrote,

Just called him and he said he was feeling better- just tired. I told him he must have just eaten something that did not agree with him. But he is working up to full. He sounds good!!

Of course, that is music to our ears. Tracy was very grateful, and she said as much to Sis Sanders,

Thank you so much! Oh I am so happy he listened to me!!

I really needed to hear this!! You’re an angel!!

Elder Hall did say they had a good week, and that it was only Monday that he was sick.

Hey Dad,

Today I have the flu so I’m not really feeling well but I have been good this past week. I’m pretty sure I’m eating enough. The work is going well, our teaching pool is building! Slowly, but surely. Elder Iyip is doing great, I am getting along with him of course!


Thank you dad! Hope you have a great week as well! Love you lots.

Elder Hall

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